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    Blog by David Morgan

    Seven benefits of renting a House by Urban Splash home directly through us

    09 June 2021
    A 5 minute read by David Morgan

    David Morgan, Head of Residential Asset Management at Urban Splash, reveals the customer benefits of renting a home directly from the company.

    You don’t have to be a buyer to enjoy the benefits of a design-led House by Urban Splash home.

    A selection of homes are available to rent directly through the Urban Splash Residential Fund and our partnership with Places for People.

    Through the fund, there are currently just under 30 House by Urban Splash lettings. These include 15 Mansion House apartments in Manchester’s New Islington neighbourhood, with the remaining properties made up of Town House homes in Birmingham’s Port Loop neighbourhood, Salford’s Irwell Riverside neighbourhood, and on Piercy Street in New Islington.

    Our teams predominantly manage everything from start to finish. And with the combination of this hands-on approach, our people-focussed lettings service, and the design and range of the homes themselves, there are several customer benefits that come with renting through us directly.

    Mansion House apartments at New Islington in Manchester

    01 — Our knowledge of the properties is second to none

    With the exception of The Chancel in Prestwich, all of the lettings are Urban Splash developed meaning we’ve dealt with them from beginning to end.

    Our in-house team are Urban Splash blood. We know each house and apartment inside out, we understand the mechanics of the buildings, and because of this in-depth knowledge, we can better demonstrate what our homes are capable of.

    While we do employ some external agents to manage the buildings separately ­– we’ve got great contacts with them and work well together to keep each property running smoothly.

    Three-storey Town House homes at New Islington in Manchester

    02 — There’s a wide range of homes to choose from

    There’s a real mix of design-led homes in our portfolio. We’ve got everything from studio apartments right through to five-bedroom houses.

    Our rent levels range from £375 a month to £2,200+ a month – so there’s a home to suit every budget.

    And it doesn’t matter where you want to live either – as well as our Mansion House apartments, we have a wide range of Urban Splash developed homes available to let in many different cities across the UK.

    Mansion House apartments at New Islington in Manchester

    03 — Flexible long-term leases

    We offer flexible long-term leases.

    For example, with Mansion House apartments, you can have up to five-year tenancies with the flexibility of break clauses for peace of mind.

    There’s added security in knowing what to expect with your rent within that five-year time frame regardless of market conditions.

    Town House homes with private terraces

    04 — The possibility of buying the home you rent

    Of course, we want to keep our tenants for a very long time. But if somebody is interested in buying the home they’re renting – we invite them to come and talk to us.

    This year alone, on behalf of our asset owners, we’ve sold (or are in the process of selling) 25 homes – and some of these homes have been sold directly to tenants.

    In addition to this, the portfolio that we manage doesn’t just contain open-market rentals – we also manage a large number of ‘rent to home buy’ properties.

    This is the original government backed initiative where the tenants can rent at 20% off the current market rate with the option to buy that property. They could always rent then move on if they wanted to – but the goal is that they get the discounted rent in order to save towards moving in and purchasing the property on a shared ownership basis.

    House by Urban Splash moving in gift box

    05 — Bonuses including internet, neighbourhood discounts and a 20-piece moving in gift box

    You can take advantage of a range of tenant bonuses.

    For example, with Mansion House rentals, 100mbs high speed internet access will be included with the property.

    Through the ARK customer engagement app, not only will you be able to communicate and organise events with the people who live in your building, but you’ll also get exclusive discounts to use at your neighbourhood’s food and drinks venues and local shops.

    When you move into your new place, you’ll also receive a moving-in gift box packed with 20 new home essentials – from luxury tea and coffee to Prosecco and chocolates – made in partnership with products with purpose online shopping platform, The Social Supermarket.

    Town House residents

    06 — Genuine, friendly and human communication

    One of the biggest benefits of renting with us is who we are as individuals.

    We really care about what we do, we’re human in our approach, and we’re genuine with what we say.

    If people want to get their keys, rent their home, and not see us until they move out – they don’t have to. But if they do – we’re right here every step of the way.

    To keep improving our tenants’ experience we frequently use customer surveys, we have a great maintenance team on hand to offer the right support, we visit often, and in our larger neighbourhoods, we have friendly consultants on-site to help you whenever you need it.

    Mansion House apartments at New Islington in Manchester

    07 — Quality customer service whether you’re moving in or out

    We’d rather people stay with us long-term, but if someone is moving out, they’ll be catered for with the same high quality customer service they received when they moved in.

    Our positive and pro-active pre-move-out journey helps us to identify anything that we can do to make you stay, to relocate you, or to simply make the moving out process as easy and stress-free as possible.

    We’ll visit the home physically and let you know what you’d need to do (if anything) to get your full deposit back. It’s a great time to have a discussion way in advance of your moving out date.

    Previously, this process has led to finding new Urban Splash homes for tenants. For example, for those leaving in search of a home with an extra bedroom, we upgraded them from a one- to two-bedroom home. For others relocating because of work, we found them new Urban Splash homes in the cities they were moving to.

    It shows us that tenants are happy with their homes, the management, and the brand. It’s purely down to the circumstance that they need to move.

    If you’re interested in renting a House by Urban Splash home, you can find out what's available here. Homes are now available to view (subject to current safety guidelines).

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