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    Blog by Simon Gawthorpe

    Here’s to Siberia for showing us how brilliant offsite construction really is!

    28 February 2018
    A 5 minute read by Simon Gawthorpe

    What a day! While the “Beast from the East” put a stop on housebuilding sites across the country, I watched in awe as my brand new Urban Splash colleagues built a whole house in a matter of hours.

    In case you missed it (amongst the many, many, headlines about the snow), today we announced to the world that we have agreed terms to buy our very own House factory from SIG PLC.

    We bought it because we passionately believe that modular is the future - and what a day to reinforce that belief! As I stood nice and toasty in our Urban Splash House factory, the incredible juxtaposition between onsite and offsite construction really hit home; our operations completely unaffected by the -8 degree temperatures outside.

    And that wasn’t the only high, I also got to meet 70 brilliant people who are now a big part of our House team. We laid out our plans and vision for modular housing and it was great to get their feedback and overall enthusiasm for the changes ahead.

    The acquisition came from our desire to vertically integrate and create a business model in which each element of the modular construction process was created by us. We’ve achieved that, and today marks the start of a lot of hard work - and our objective of constructing over 400 homes a year from the factory.

    I had countless exciting and uplifting discussions with my new colleagues about these plans - and to think amongst our chats and with the poor weather outside, we still created a whole house. Here’s to the future!

    About the author

    Simon Gawthorpe

    Managing Director

    Yorkshire boy and all round Prince Charming. At Lister Mills, Simon’s masterminded what everyone said was impossible, namely bringing sexy back to Bradford. Now he's in charge of spreading the Urban Splash idea to Sheffield and Leeds. Loves Bingo.

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