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    Blog by David Lewus

    Sheffield artist Mandy Payne’s pictures of Park Hill are in Millennium Galleries exhibition

    27 January 2022
    A 3 minute read by David Lewus

    Sheffield Museums 2022 exhibition programme begins with a compelling exploration of overlooked and under-regarded aspects of the landscape we inhabit today. Park Hill is one of five locations across England, featured in Where We Live.

    The exhibition brings together paintings by Sheffield’s own Mandy Payne, who has devoted nine years to paintings focused on Park Hill, alongside work by Trevor Burgess, Jonathan Hooper, Narbi Price and Judith Tucker.

    Mandy comments: “Although there are five different artists from five different locations, there are many cohesive layers, themes and connections between the works, each giving insights into the places and voices of the communities depicted. On a personal note, I am absolutely delighted that my Park Hill paintings might be seen by the people who lived and now live there.”

    'Every day is like Sunday' by Sheffield artist Mandy Payne

    Each series of paintings offers the viewer multiple perspectives on the notion of home and our sense of place. Tensions in the images between legacies of the past, the reality of the present and often conflicting visions of the future are layered with poetic texts foregrounding the voices of the residents. In the wake of a pandemic that confined us to our homes, it questions what the idea of home looks and feels like in the midst of multiple displacements and disorientating political, social and environmental change.

    'A brief window in time' by Sheffield artist Mandy Payne

    Where We Live has been initiated by Trevor Burgess, whose collaborative projects as an artist-curator explore the contemporary practice of painting in a social context: “Put simply, paintings can bring us to look at familiar things and lead us to see what we hadn’t seen before”.

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