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        Case studies

        Resident profiles - Rebecca & Thomas, House, New Islington

        18 July 2018

        They say opposites attract, and it’s true of Rebecca and Thomas, who moved into our New Islington development. She was desperate for somewhere in the city centre; he wanted outside space.

        After looking for months at apartments they resigned themselves to the idea that one of them would have to compromise, until Rebecca sent Thomas a link to House.

        Rebecca & Thomas - Residents at House, New Islington

        “House changes the way you think about what the space of a house should be.”

        They’re currently living in a two-storey House, but Rebecca is as impressed by the indoor space as the outdoors.

        "We’ve got so much space. We’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows on both floors, we’ve got so much light. It’s just a stunning piece of architecture.”

        About House, New Islington

        A new urban neighbourhood

        Canal side two and three storey Town Houses in a proper urban neighbourhood, designed by you, and built by us. The Town Houses at New Islington allow you to design your ideal, contemporary family home, where it’s all about space not rooms.

        House is a new type of home, designed by award-winning architects and built by Urban Splash. Family living, super open-plan or cosy nooks, you get to choose how much space you want, and how you want to use it.

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