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    Case studies

    Resident profiles - Jonathan, House, New Islington

    18 August 2018

    The thought of buying a house in a factory definitely raised an eyebrow with Jonathan. As a private landlord with more than 80 properties in his portfolio, he’s definitely seen more than his fair share of homes and was curious to find out more.

    What he discovered impressed him so much that he not only bought one, but he chose to live there himself.

    Jonathan - Resident at House, New Islington

    “It’s definitely a better house. You didn’t see all the things you normally see on a building site.”

    “I asked to visit the factory to have a look at it all being put together and was really impressed”, Jonathan told us. “It was a great decision - you could see the quality at every stage as you went around. Everything in the process was checked and double-checked. They even had the clichéd man in a suit and hard hat ticking it all off on his clipboard.”

    About House, New Islington

    A new urban neighbourhood

    Canal side two and three storey Town Houses in a proper urban neighbourhood, designed by you, and built by us. The Town Houses at New Islington allow you to design your ideal, contemporary family home, where it’s all about space not rooms.

    House is a new type of home, designed by award-winning architects and built by Urban Splash. Family living, super open-plan or cosy nooks, you get to choose how much space you want, and how you want to use it.

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