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    Press release - 9 November 2020

    House by Urban Splash appoints new Director of Architecture Tom Jarman

    09 November 2020

    Modern housebuilder, House by Urban Splash has announced the appointment of Tom Jarman as Director of Architecture, in a step that serves to further strengthen the company’s core philosophy of “Live Well by Design”.

    Jarman joins the House team from architectural practice FCBStudios where, as a partner, he worked across a broad range of award-winning projects in the arts, education, housing and creative re-use sectors. Notable previous work includes the Stirling-shortlisted Manchester School of Art and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

    In his role with House, Tom will look after key relationships with design teams including Feilden Clegg Bradley, shedkm, Glenn Howells Architects, and Proctor and Matthews, continuing the pattern of close engagement with several of the country’s top architectural, urban and landscape design practices. In close collaborative dialogue, Tom will advocate for values-based progressive design, and will further strengthen the creative outputs that deliver on the key propositions of the House brand.

    Speaking of his appointment, Tom said: “I’m really delighted to be joining a business that is tangibly pioneering a new approach to housebuilding in the UK. It is absolutely the right time to re-frame of the agenda around UK housebuilding and bring real change to the way we conceive, create and deliver new homes and communities in this country.

    “House by Urban Splash is already doing things differently in so many ways - customer choice is a fundamental part - customisation and configuration are the sorts of things we expect from the car industry but have not before now been able to meaningfully achieve within new housing. Generosity is another major differentiator - many new homes are cramped, with small windows and poor space standards becoming the norm. The freshness of turning away from these low standards and offering so much more, whilst still creating attainable homes, cannot be overstated.

    Tom Jarman joins House by Urban Splash

    “We are just at the start – reversing trends and norms that have been baked into the planning and design of lower density housing for 40 years or more will take time. The industry needs to regain the confidence to innovate at scale and lose the aversion to risk that generates so many anonymous outcomes. House by Urban Splash is already a long way ahead with this and I believe we will only get stronger with time - this is the beginning of the journey.”

    Passionate about environmental design principles, Tom plans to put green design at the heart of all aspects of architecture at House by Urban Splash. This will involve a range of threads including research and development, employing best practice tools in the design process, and increasing communication about environmental aspects to customers and other stakeholders.

    Tom continued: “Many homeowners have a deep understanding of environmental issues that as a society we face today. Our generation are now asking ‘what can we do?’ and a large part of the answer is in choices we make as consumers. Since a home is often the biggest purchase most of us make, it is one of the ways in which we can be most impactful in our life choices. Homes that require less energy to run are great, and homes created from environmentally friendly, low carbon materials are even better.

    “The Live Well by Design proposition encapsulates a set of core values, environmental imperatives and social ambitions from which we can create great neighbourhoods and communities. I am so looking forward to joining the team at House and working to make better design and better places an attainable reality for more people in the UK.”

    House by Urban Splash co-founder Jonathan Falkingham concluded “I am delighted that Tom has joined the senior team as Director of Architecture, this is a critical appointment for the business and Tom’s skill and experience will play a key role in helping deliver on our mission to Live Well By Design.”

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