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    Blog by Emily Jones

    Sites, camera, action!

    31 March 2022

    Commercial property marketing hasn’t always been that inspiring…

    Rewind a few years and upon viewing a prospective office or retail space, you’d have been subject to a lot of technical jargon and scary talk of 25-year leases. While brochures tended to be single page printouts without much design thought.

    We’ve always taken a different approach, and aim to make our commercial customers feel just as special as customers buying our homes. To many people their business is a huge part of their life and finding the right space to operate from is exciting and nerve inducing. We aim to join our customers on this rollercoaster of emotions, standing alongside them as colleague, cheerleader, partner, friend and neighbour.

    All that’s hard to articulate on paper, and that’s why we’ve invested in this brand-new commercial film, brought to you by the awesome people who make up our commercial team.

    In this short video, they use their own words to describe our portfolio – 1.1m sq ft of well-designed workspaces ranging from converted mills, a historic naval yard, a famous bit of Brutalist architecture and even a silver-clad tube reminiscent of a spaceship.

    But while the aesthetics of our spaces may differ, they all offer our customers one great thing – a space they can be proud of and access to a great team of people who simply want your business to succeed.

    So, grab some popcorn, sit back and dive into our commercial world. If you like what you see, then we’d love nothing more than for you to come and take a closer look.

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