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    Blog by Amy Dowse and Bethany Gradwell

    Fostering wellbeing in the workplace

    25 June 2024
    A 3 minute read by Amy Dowse and Bethany Gradwell

    Wellbeing is far more than a trendy buzzword. It’s about individuals realising their own abilities, being able to work productively to make contributions to the community and having the capability to deal with life’s challenges.

    It’s something we’re working to understand better on an individual and organisational level through our internal Learn with US sessions for all colleagues to take part in to better understand their sense of wellbeing and how this can be improved.

    Here, Amy and Bethany from our People team explain how we’re supporting our colleagues on their wellbeing journey.

    Natalie Rossiter hosted an online 'Ways to Wellbeing' seminar

    Ways to wellbeing

    We’ve been joined by the brilliant Natalie Rossiter who led one of our Learn with US lunchtime sessions on ‘Ways to Wellbeing’. Natalie took us through various definitions of wellbeing and invited staff to contribute what wellbeing means to them personally.

    Natalie also asked us to think about how we can best manage our wellbeing and the impact a greater sense of wellbeing has on our working lives and our work-life balance. This opened up conversations amongst our colleagues to discuss their key takeaways from the session and how they each strive to find ways to wellbeing through connection.

    Out internal Learn with US sessions help colleagues to better understand their sense of wellbeing

    Supporting the journey

    We’ve also been joined by Luminate who led a Learn with US session on financial wellbeing; this encouraged our colleagues to think about financial factors that are within our control and what external factors might impact our relationship with our finances. Each topic was supplemented with clear actions we can take to reach our financial goals and foster financial wellbeing. Corporate yoga and Pilates experts, YinYan, have also led a session for our teams to learn helpful desk stretches and mindfulness practices.

    We’re big believers that wellbeing isn’t a destination or a point in time to reach, it ebbs and flows throughout your lifetime and requires constant maintenance.

    Tenant yoga sessions hosted by YinYan

    More than just US

    We’ve also been thinking about how we can foster wellbeing outside of our internal team, expanding our reach far and wide to benefit those around us.

    A holistic view of wellbeing includes our physical health as well as social and emotional connection. Our partners, YinYan, help us to provide lunchtime yoga and pilates sessions at our Tea Factory and Vanilla Factory sites in Liverpool with sessions commencing in Manchester very soon. Not only does this help to strengthen communities at each site, it means our tenants can build exercise into their working day and step away from their desks to focus on themselves for an hour.

    We’re continuing to develop our understanding of wellbeing and fostering wellbeing in the workplace for now and the future, for our colleagues and beyond.

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