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    Blog by Lindsay Noel

    A boat load of community spirit

    27 October 2022
    A 2 minute read by Lindsay Noel

    The growing business community at Boat Shed in Salford Quays has thrived this year. We’ve welcomed new customers into the space, and we’ve hosted a run of events that have helped all our neighbours get to know each other. Here, our colleague and Boat Shed host and building manager Lindsay Noel, tells us more.

    As any commercial building host will tell you, it’s the ultimate goal to see occupiers getting to know each other, working side by side, sharing contacts and ideas and bringing a commercial workspace to life.

    I’m really proud to say I’ve seen this happen in real time at Boat Shed this year and have noticed a shift in how busy the building is each day, with more of our businesses bringing their colleagues back into workspaces each day.

    It’s also a period in which we’ve seen more new businesses moving into Boat Shed too – occupiers who’ve reassessed their workspaces post pandemic, making the move to join our commercial community in Salford Quays.

    Summer ice cream event at Boat Shed

    With that in mind, we decided to celebrate this year by hosting a series of events that would harness our sense of community, giving our occupiers lots to look forward to.

    We’ve had lots in our calendar – from an ice cream event on a very hot day in July, to a bake sale, to a pizza event in the autumn sunshine last week; each event’s been well attended with customers all coming together.

    Recent pizza event for customers at Boat Shed

    We’re lucky we can accommodate such events at Boat Shed as we’re blessed with lots of space. Urban Splash had the foresight here not just to create well designed offices, but communal areas that would add to the appeal. We have a café hub, meeting room, and landscaped gardens overlooking the river; the latter’s played host to the events above and it’s a space we’ll continue to use as we pack out the social calendar for the months ahead. We’re also encouraging businesses based here to use these spaces too, either for their own events or for gatherings with their colleagues.

    Recent pizza event for customers at Boat Shed

    Boat Shed’s a unique offering because of this, and each day it becomes an even better place to work. I’m proud to see more people back here adding to the bustle. I look forward to more great events and more businesses moving into our final available spaces. If you want to know more about them, just complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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