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    Blog by Jonathan Falkingham MBE

    CLT and a factory in Bilbao, how we’re creating our Mansion House apartments

    28 May 2019
    A 4 minute read by Jonathan Falkingham

    We’ve spent a great deal of time and effort perfecting the idea behind Mansion House, that’s why we’re using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) combined with innovative and sustainable materials to create it.

    Our Mansion House homes are being made at a factory in Bilbao; there each building is created as a series of panels, which are then transported to the UK and assembled on site. It means that everything is built as accurately as possible and wastage is kept to a minimum.

    Mansion House factory in Bilbao

    The panels are made using cross-laminated timber (CLT), a much more sustainable material than traditional options like steel and concrete thanks to the fact that it’s ideal for insulation, retaining heat in the winter and letting the building breath in the summer.

    Sustainably sourced Radiata Pine from Northern Spain

    We use Radiata Pine sourced from Northern Spain; it’s grown in sustainable forests with PEFC certification. Not only does the wood have its own passport, telling us exactly what area and year it comes from, but it’s easier to transport and quick to assemble on site.

    Mansion House at New Islington in Manchester

    Creating our Mansion House in this way means that we can create the homes quickly and efficiently, saving time, money and reducing the impact on the environment – yeah!

    Town House at Irwell Riverside in Salford

    The process is slightly different to our Town House modular homes which are created using 3D modular technology – arriving on site as completed pods; you can read more about how we create those here.

    Mansion House at New Islington in Manchester

    So I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about our Mansion Houses. Homes at New Islington in Manchester are now on sale, get in touch with our team to find out more.

    About the author

    Jonathan Falkingham

    Co-Founder and Creative Director

    As an architect, Jonathan has been doing it in the North West since 1991, when he set up super fresh design practice, shedkm. He founded Urban Splash in 1993, with the lovely Mr Bloxham and has been the creative force behind big projects ranging from Fort Dunlop to his own award-winning house in Liverpool. Jonathan has day to day responsibility for creative strategy and design direction and continues to be highly committed to good architecture – amongst his other roles he acts as a trustee of the RIBA.

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