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    Resident profiles - Jason & Chintan, Lakeshore, Bristol

    05 November 2018

    Meet Jason and Chintan Taylor who live at Lakeshore in Bristol with their three-year-old child Josho. The freelance filmmaking duo talk about why they love the area and how the design features appealed – especially to former architect Chintan!

    What initially appealed to you about Lakeshore?

    We loved the layout and the idea of a minimal clean apartment building surrounded by the lake and green spaces.

    Jason, Chintan and Josho. Residents's at Lakeshore in Bristol

    Had you been searching for a property in the area for a certain time before viewing Lakeshore?

    We were looking all over Bristol, not just south Bristol. We viewed around 5-6 properties before deciding on Lakeshore.

    What are your top 3 reasons for buying here?

    The grounds with the lake, clean and minimal design of the apartments – and the affordability.

    Lakeshore, Bristol

    What appealed to you most about your property in particular?

    It was driven by what we could afford but also the fact that we are on the 7th floor and the big windows and high ceilings combined with the views make our small space feel much bigger and brighter.

    My partner is happy with the morning light that comes through the living room and how the flat is bright throughout the day.

    Are you new to Bristol?

    No, I have lived in London and Cambridge and my partner is from India; we have a few close friends in Bristol who we spent our first few months after moving to the UK from India, we loved Bristol for various reasons and ended up renting and then buying a property here.

    Jason, Chintan and Josho. Residents's at Lakeshore in Bristol

    What’s the best benefit of the location?

    I work as a freelance filmmaker, so it doesn’t matter so much where we live but having a lot of clients in Bristol and being close to the city helps me get to the meetings in the centre very quickly, especially when I use the bicycle routes.

    What excites you most about Lakeshore?

    A sense of community and all the nature around.

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