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    Press release - 01 October 2020

    Reimagining the sales suite; House by Urban Splash launches CLT Pavilion at Northstowe

    01 October 2020

    The modern housebuilder House by Urban Splash has reimagined the sales suite, unveiling a striking pavilion at Inholm, Northstowe. The landmark modular building, designed by award-winning architecture practice shedkm, offers an immersive brand experience for the new urban village, radically rethinking how a housing sales suite should look and feel. As its ambassador building, the House by Urban Splash pavilion exploits the possibilities of CLT construction and sustainable design, creating a raw but warm space with a bold geometric form and soaring roof.

    The House by Urban Splash pavilion will be integral to every major new House site, up and down the country, with the totemic pitched roof providing an immediately recognisable emblem for the brand. The pavilion will also represent the first point of contact for potential homebuyers, creating a space where homebuyers can get a true feeling of living inside a House home, with an emphasis on materiality, adaptability, natural light and open space.

    Oliver Wigglesworth, Head of Design at House by Urban Splash, comments: ‘House is all about ultra-sustainable, beautiful, modern design by award-winning architects, and the pavilion embodies all of these things, reflecting our ‘Live Well by Design’ philosophy. The pavilion is part of our mission to do things differently, and continually raise the bar.’

    Constructed from black-painted radiata pine CLT (with an outer layer of Larch for extra durability), and an exposed timber interior, the pavilion will provide a state-of the-art combined reception and multi-media exhibition space, alongside a remote workspace and sales suite. Within the Northstowe pavilion homebuyers will be able to explore the homes coming up for completion at Inholm, delve into the rich history of the location, and explore the future vision for the contemporary Fenland village, via a combination of touchscreen displays, virtual reality, architectural models and bespoke publications. By making architecture the hero, traditional brand signage at the pavilion will be minimal.

    Ian Killick, Director at shedkm comments: ‘Our brief was to create a building that personifies the brand. Our design response uses a bold, graphic outline, making the stand-alone pavilion so recognisable, there is little need for signage beyond it. Instead, wherever a pavilion appears, across the UK, the building becomes the brand.’

    Championing the sustainable vision of House by Urban Splash, the pavilion has been designed and engineered to produce zero fabrication waste. Continuing its light environmental touch, its structural components are prefabricated, and can be delivered by a single truck, and assembled in under a week. Designed flexibly, to remain in situ for up to five years, the stand-alone timber structures can be fully retrofitted and repurposed, or disassembled and rebuilt in a new location, making each one 100% recyclable.

    The first pavilion to complete is now on site at Northstowe, with sales of homes at Northstowe commencing this month. The next pavilion to complete will be at Wirral Waters, Birkenhead, in 2021.

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