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    Case studies

    Customer profiles - Couch, Richmond Street

    28 February 2023

    Manchester’s gay village is a vibrant and colourful place to be, that’s why we decided to add our own pops of colour there last year when we refurbished our workspace building at Richmond Street. New customers have since made the structure their own – including COUCH Health whose founder Ash Rishi tells us more here.

    We love being in the heart of Manchester and are really pleased that we chose Richmond Street as our home.

    We ‘fight the good fight’, amplifying the voices of patients and communities as they strive to access healthcare – an area that’s increasingly under pressure. It’s a business I founded following my dad’s death from cancer; experts failed to thoroughly assess him, and his symptoms were missed for many years due to biases from healthcare practitioners. I wanted to counter that, creating a company that’s sole purpose would prevent other families from going through what we did.

    The team from COUCH health at Richmond Street

    I wanted a landlord that was flexible and understood our mission – giving us a great base and a place from which we could grow. Urban Splash has met that need, working with us and giving us plenty of options which make me feel comfortable about operating here.

    Richmond Street also has a lot of personality and that’s a bonus too. There’s exposed brickwork, beams and pillars – not to mention a grand, carved doorway, designed by original tenant Michael Nairn & Co as a tribute to the company’s Scottish heritage – and the Stuart Scottish royal family’s coat of arms. It’s a really striking workspace that’s inspiring – and somewhere I’m proud to show clients around.

    I’m really pleased to be based here.

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