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    Windermere Infrastructure

    Planning Consultation

    On Tuesday 5 March we held a public consultation in Windemere giving local people a chance to feedback on first phase proposals for Orrest Head Farm.

    The boards presented at the consultation can be downloaded here.

    Orrest Head Farm is part of the Lake District National Park Authority’s Windermere Gateway project, and is allocated in the Lake District National Park Local Plan for mixed-use development.

    The housing-allocation site is set to undergo sensitive redevelopment by Urban Splash working with key stakeholders including the Lake District National Park, the National Trust, Westmorland and Furness Council, Windermere Town Council, Network Rail, Booths, Lakeland and other local businesses as part of the Windermere Gateway project.

    The first stage to unlocking development at Orrest Head Farm will be improving accessibility.  This will involve upgrades to the A591, Thwaites Lane and new pedestrian and cycle links between the site and Windermere train station.

    These improvements will support development on the site as well as improving wider accessibility in Windermere, helping to encourage more walking and cycling.

    Subject to securing planning permission, work on access improvements are planned to start at the end of 2024 and scheduled to take around one year to complete.

    Then, later this year, we’ll release further details on Urban Splash housing development and a new National Trust office. There will be a series of public meetings and events scheduled in the coming months at which we’ll share these plans.

    After that consultation, we will submit a separate planning application for the office and the housing; subject to securing planning permission, work is targeted to start on site after access improvements have been completed in 2025.

    Highways FAQ's

    • What improvements are you proposing?

      The Proposed Development entails:

      — Improvements to A591 to introduce an extension to the Windermere Gateway

      — Introduction of new junction off the A591 into the Orrest Head Farm site

      — Introduction of an improved junction between A591 and Thwaites Lane

      — Addition of Shared Path between Orrest Head Farm and Windermere Station

      — Introduction of new junction off Thwaites lane into Orrest Head Farm site

      — Implementation of sustainable drainage to improve surface water run-off quality and improve flooding issues related to Thwaites Lane

    • What about vehicles accessing the site?

      Two new vehicular access points are proposed:

      — From the A591 to the north of the site; and
      — From Thwaites Lane

      In addition, the existing access to the A591 will be retained to access the farmhouses.

      New pedestrian and cycle links will also be provided linking to the A591, Thwaites Lane, Windermere town centre and the Droomer Estate.

    • What about parking?

      No parking is proposed as part of this application.

      The employment and housing application will be brought to consultation in the near future and will include further details on parking for those elements of the development.

    • When will the highways planning application be submitted?

      We are targeting a submission in April 2024.

    • When will the highways work start?

      Subject to planning, we hope to start onsite by the end of 2024.

    • How long will the highways project take?

      Subject to securing planning permission, work on access improvements are planned to start at the end of 2024 and scheduled to take around one year to complete.

    Housing FAQ’s

    • How many new homes will the site provide?

      While the housing proposals are still at an early stage, the plans for the site are expected to deliver between 200 and 250 new homes for Windemere.

    • What percentage is the affordable housing provision?

      The future employment and housing application will include further details on affordable housing and will be subject to viability. We will present details of these at a community consultation in the coming months before submitting an application. We are aware of the Lake District’s Planning Policy requirements to deliver affordable housing, and will seek to maximise the number and range of affordable houses.

    • Will the homes be for local people?

      Yes. In line with policy, all homes will be secured for permanent occupancy, supporting the delivery of new local homes for local people i.e. not second homes or holiday lets.

    • What will the houses look like?

      Proctor and Matthews Architects are developing plans for the sensitive development of the site, responding to the outstanding character of the local topography and cultural heritage, the project will create a contemporary interpretation of Lakeland townscape finding inspiration from vernacular forms and materials as set out in the Lake District Design Code.

    If you would like to share any comments with us regarding our proposals for please email us at

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