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    'Sustainability' is becoming one of the most overused words in the English language. So overused that it will lose all meaning.

    Here, at Urban Splash, we prefer to consider ourselves 'environmentally responsible' because we believe that 'sustainability', the eponymous 'S' word, is in danger of being so abused as to have no real value. So what does environmental responsibility actually mean?

    It means reusing, instead of knocking down and building new. Keeping what's good and improving what's not.

    It means green, of course - green grass in parks where you can sit with your face in the sun.

    It means generating power locally so that it doesn't get lost in transmission. It means heating flats from boreholes. It means using Combined Heat and Power plants and woodchip boilers to keep us toasty warm whist reducing our impact on others.

    It means being local. A place depends on the community that lives there, the people who work there and wherever possible, we believe in improving things locally.

    And it means long lasting.

    We try to make sure our developments give something back, take less and last longer. We aim to prove that we can do it, and do it now, at no extra cost. It just takes a little bit more imagination.

    And all you have to do is move in.

    Reusing, instead of knocking down. Keeping what's good and improving what's not.