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    Urban Splash Cookies policy

    Urban Splash – well, our website - uses cookies and similar technology.

    First of all, what’s a cookie? No choc chips here! These cookies are tiny files – often unique strings of numbers and letters – that are sent from a website server to the programme used to browse the site, and which may then be sent back to the server each time a page is requested.

    Basically, we use cookies to make a better website for you to use and to help us find ways to improve it. Cookies allow us to identify how users travel around our website, and from that information seek ways to make improvements.

    Urban Splash does not use cookies to collect any personally identifiable information about you. There are opportunities on this website for you to provide personal information to Urban Splash – for example when you register your interest in a property – but we do not cross reference this with any information about you gathered from cookies or similar technology. We are working towards being fully compliant with the requirements of recent amendments to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

    More details about how we use and respect your personal information can be found in our website privacy policy. You may also be interested in reviewing the terms and conditions for use of this website.

    Removing and disabling cookies

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    Here’s a list of cookies placed on your device through the use of our services:

    Cookies for improving services

    Google Analytics sets cookies to help us accurately estimate the number of visitors to the website and volumes of usage. This is to ensure that the service is available to you quickly.

    Google Analytics collects information from the DoubleClick cookie (web activity) and from Device Advertising IDs (app activity).

    Hotjar sets cookies to help us analyse how our users interact with our website. This helps us improve the experience for users across all devices, create content that our users want to engage with, and help flag up any bugs or issues that our users may be experiencing.

    Cookies set by third-party services

    This website utilises third party services. These third parties set cookies to enhance their services or to track usage or to validate users. These cookies are only set when the page that uses that service is browsed to.

    Google maps are used on the website. Google sets cookies to track usage of its services and user preferences.

    We use the Vimeo service to provide video content within our website to our users. Vimeo sets cookies in order to collect analytics tracking information, monitor performance and improve the video player experience.

    We use the Eventbrite service to allow users to register for various events through our website. Eventbrite sets cookies in order to monitor performance, improve functionality and security and collect analytic information, as well as managing event bookings.

    Social media links and third party websites

    We have links to our accounts on third party social media websites such as twitter, facebook, YouTube, linkedin, vimeo and flickr. All these websites use cookie technology. For more information, please see the privacy policies for these websites.