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    Blog by Jonathan Falkingham

    Celebrating 25 years of Urban Splash

    14 March 2018
    A 2 minute read by Jonathan Falkingham

    On 31st March RIBA North will launch a brand new exhibition celebrating 25 years of Urban Splash and chronicling our “maverick presence” on the development landscape.

    A look back at the work we’ve done in the past quarter of a century - from a small start in Liverpool to projects now in every corner of the country - the exhibition is a nod to the advice we were given back in the early 90s that “it will never work”.

    It will never work: 25 years of Urban Splash 1993-2018, at RIBA North in Liverpool

    To a degree, that notion was right and we’ve had some hiccups which have helped us along the way. On the whole though, most things have worked and I’m thrilled at what we’ve been able to do. We’ve won 400 awards for our efforts - more than 40 of them RIBA Awards - an achievement which forms part of the exhibition.

    It will never work: 25 years of Urban Splash 1993-2018, at RIBA North in Liverpool

    The exhibition also looks at our plans moving forward, the way in which we're 'established innovators’ and how we’re helping to shape urban futures.

    Doors open on Saturday 31st March at 10am; we’d love to see you there.

    About the author

    Jonathan Falkingham

    Co-Founder and Creative Director

    As an architect, Jonathan has been doing it in the North West since 1991, when he set up super fresh design practice, shedkm. He founded Urban Splash in 1993, with the lovely Mr Bloxham and has been the creative force behind big projects ranging from Fort Dunlop to his own award-winning house in Liverpool. Jonathan has day to day responsibility for creative strategy and design direction and continues to be highly committed to good architecture – amongst his other roles he acts as a trustee of the RIBA.

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