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    Frequently asked questions

    If you've got a question, we'll try to answer it. Check out some of our more common queries here.

    Registering with us

    • What happens once I have registered my details?

      Once you register with us, you're basically part of the family. This means we send you a monthly newsletter to let you know what we've been up too, and sometimes we send you gifts (in the form of our latest brochures), and invite you to get togethers (sales launches). We won't visit you on inappropriate weekends or stay in your spare room though.

    • Why haven't I received any brochures?

      If you have registered for projects that are coming soon, then we probably haven't produced the brochure yet. Just sit tight.

    Students & Researchers

    • Can I do my year out placement at Urban Splash?

      At the moment, we haven't got the set up for this but we are looking into it. So do check back, but we're not ready quite yet. It's too soon to rush into things. It's not you, it's us.

    • Can you help me with my architecture project?

      We like students, a lot of us have been students, some a very long time ago. We realise research is important so we've made as much information as possible available on our website on our Residential and Commercial project pages which you can download and print off. If you have any specific questions, we will try our best to answer them but bear in mind, in between the fun and games we are rather busy!

    Job Applications

    • Do you have any jobs for architects or technicians?

      We don't have an in-house architecture team, instead we work with talented young architects across the country. If you like what we do, take a look at our Gallery to find out who's built what and where to apply.

    • Do you have any jobs for trades on site?

      We do employ people directly to work on our sites, though we mainly use sub-contractors to deliver the work. All vacancies we do have are advertised online in our Careers section.

    • Does Urban Splash work with recruitment agencies?

      We've set up some notes for recruitment agencies which you can check out here.

    • What happens after I've applied for a job online?

      We'll email you to acknowledge receipt of your application within 72 hours and for advertised roles we will notify you with feedback within two weeks of the closing date. We also aim to respond to speculative applications within two weeks.

    • What jobs does Urban Splash have at the moment?

      You can check out the latest jobs at Urban Splash on our Careers page and apply online.

    Buying an Urban Splash home

    • How can I find an Urban Splash home in my area?

      Use the search tool to see if we have any developments in your area or email If you can't find anything then it's likely that we'll be in a town near you soon! Register your interest so we can keep you posted.

    • What is the process for buying an Urban Splash home?

      Once you see something you like, you need to speak to our sales team, either at a launch event, in a sales office, or over the phone. You pick your property and pay a small reservation fee, usually between £500 and £5,000. You then have 28 days to liaise with your solicitor, to arrange the signing of your contract and pay the exchange fee which is usually 10% of the value of the property. Then you sit back, relax and wait for us to build you your dream home. You only pay the balance when it's ready for you to move in.

    • What will my off-plan home be worth once completed?

      Hard to tell without a crystal ball. Urban Splash projects tend to be popular and most of our developments sell out long before they've been finished.

    Owning an Urban Splash home

    • How does everything in my home work?

      It's tricky this modern living lark. But don't panic. Before or upon legal completion, you'll be invited round for a demonstration by a fully trained member of our Sales team. Phew. They'll show you how everything works, and where all the nitties and gritties are located.

    • What about the gadgets and gizmos?

      Everything you need to know can be found in the Homeowners pack, that you get when you move in. Here you'll find manuals and instructions for stuff, and what to do in the event of any problems. Great bedtime reading.

    • What do the managing agents do?

      The managing agents are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of your buildings common parts/estate and shared services. In the case of apartments, this could mean emptying bins, cleaning windows, policing private parking areas, servicing sprinkler systems, etc. In the event of any queries or problems with your building or with your communal services, they can be contacted directly.

    • What do Urban Splash Customer Care do?

      Give you peace of mind. You can relax for the first year or even two*, our Customer Care Team will sort out any problems in your apartment which are covered under the terms of the 12/24 months defects warranty, starting from the day of legal completion. (*site dependant and not applicable to ‘sold as seen homes’).

    • What does the buildings insurance in my service charge include?

      This covers any structural or cosmetic damage to your property (not applicable to House -where separate building insurance should be arranged). You will still need separate contents insurance to replace that fancy pants plasma screen if the bath overflows in the home above you though.

    Renting an Urban Splash Home

    • How soon can I move in?

      Our super speedy rent application process means you can move in a week after viewing.

    • What is the deposit?

      The deposit is one month's rent plus £100.

    • What is the process for moving in?

      A member of the Rentals team will give you a set of keys on the day you move in and show you around your new home to demonstrate how everything works. Each of our homes also comes with a handover pack containing useful information about your appliances, lighting, heating, electrics, etc.

    • What should I do if something stops working?

      Contact our Rentals team on 0333 666 9999 or email and a member of our in-house maintenance team will attend.

    Buying or Letting Urban Splash work space

    • Do I have to pay business rates?

      Business rates are payable on all schemes. For further details please contact the relevant valuation office or check out the links below.

    • How can I find an Urban Splash work space in my area?

      Use the search tool to see if we have any developments in your area or email If you can't find anything then it's likely that we'll be in a town near you soon! Register your interest so we can keep you posted.

    • How quickly can I be in the work space?

      With our Short Form Lease, you can be in your beautiful new Urban Splash space within 24 hours. See you in the morning.

    • What does the service charge include?

      The service charge covers the communal areas and external envelope of the building, however each building is different so for more information please call 0333 666 0000.

    • What is the Short Form Lease?

      The short form lease is a simple, 4 page lease that's written in plain English. No jargon, no messing. This cuts down on administration, reduces legal costs, and can be sorted within 24 hours. Brilliant.

    Talk to us

    • How do I make a complaint?

      We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all our customers, leaseholders and tenants. We recognise however, that we may sometimes get things wrong or make mistakes. Your feedback helps us to see where our services, practice or procedures might be improved. Please see our complaints policy for further information.

    Urban Splash build

    • How can I let Urban Splash know about the products/services my company can offer?

      Please send your company profile to A record will be made of your details, and then sent onto our Quantity Surveyor for the appropriate project.

    • When will I receive an invitation to tender?

      Our Quantity Surveyor will notify in writing any company who's products or services are suitable for one of our projects.