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    Blog by Tom Bloxham MBE

    Tom’s top 10 tips for making the most of MIPIM

    01 March 2012
    A 5 minute read by Tom Bloxham

    Today I wrote a piece for the Architects Journal on the top tips to getting the most out of MIPIM. You can read the piece below.

    Tom’s top 10 tips for making the most of MIPIM 2012

    Urban Splash co-founder Tom Bloxham delivers his ten top tips on how to get the most out of MIPIM…

    MIPIM, Cannes

    (1) Enjoy yourself! Often the best contacts come from chance encounters and unexpected meetings.

    (2) Pace yourself by planning meetings with people you definitely want to meet beforehand, but don’t cram your diary too much.

    (3) Pick maybe three or four people who you want to spend quality time with, grab lunch for two on the beach and create long lasting business relationships.

    (4) Pace your drinking. Perhaps more important than point (2)! Drink plenty of water, there’s a work hard/play hard balance in Cannes.

    (5) Don’t forget your sandals, shades and hat. Its a fun, informal affair, dress relaxed and you’ll enjoy it more!

    (6) Grab a cheeky weekend skiing at either end of MIPIM, the South of France has more to offer than just La Croissette!

    (7) If skiing isn’t for you, explore the surrounding countryside or maybe the Fondation MAEGHT.

    (8) Go for a paddle! The sea isn’t just for the yachts! Take in some of the calming waters while you’re at MIPIM.

    (9) Make sure you get an invitation to all of the best parties, again they’re a great place to meet contacts.

    (10) Make sure your primary objective is to come home with a fistful of business cards! And you must, must follow up on every single one of them when you get home.

    About the author

    Tom Bloxham

    Chairman and Co-Founder

    The least qualified board member, Tom sold fire extinguishers door to door, studied a degree in politics, sold records then posters and ran a market stall down Affleck's Arcade.

    He made more money sub-letting the space than selling his posters. That's how it started. Following setting up a pub business, nightclub and radio station, Tom, along with Jonathan Falkingham MBE, founded Urban Splash in 1993.

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