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    Senior Development Manager


    Birmingham & Manchester

    Hours of Work



    £55-£70k plus bonus & benefits

    The role

    This is an exciting and challenging role for a development project manager to lead the delivery on one of Urban Splash’s flagship schemes – Port Loop in Birmingham. Port Loop is a multi-phase residential development in Icknield and has the potential for over 1,000 homes, most of which will be produced in Urban Splash’s “House” factory in Alfreton using MMC.

    As this is a particularly important project for the consistent delivery of new homes for Urban Splash and its modular housebuilding arm, it will require an experienced and organised development manager. This position works in tandem with a front-end Development Manager with and has overall responsibility for the budget and programme and will act as the client when dealing with the Project Managers appointed on site.

    As importantly, is an individual that ‘gets it’ in terms of design, placemaking and to understand the values of urban splash, someone that wants to make a real difference the places we create which will have quality at their core.

    Main purpose of the role

    - Deliver the project and each of its phases within time, budget and to the highest quality possible.

    - Monitor, challenge and support the external Project Mangers throughout the development lifecycle.

    - Manage the design and planning elements of each phase – interview, appoint, and manage the relevant consultants.

    - Understand the total scope of a project (including the non-construction elements) and the roles of stakeholders.

    - Work closely with the front-end Development Manager regarding the masterplan and the viability of each new phase.

    - Constantly seeking ways to add value and reduce risk on projects.


    - Produce and develop comprehensive project briefs for each phase of the development, whilst reviewing regularly to identify and apply efficiencies.

    - Develop effective strategies for successful delivery and recovery of projects, ensuring each element has been thoroughly calculated.

    - Suggest credible ways to improve programme / project delivery timescales and critique design programmes and contractor’s programmes.

    - Work with external consultants on design management and critique design information to establish quality, completeness, buildability etc.

    - Consistently and diligently report back to the Delivery Director and senior management on progress of the project at regular intervals.

    - Undertake research and due diligence to de-risk the project and understand the costs and methods associated so subsequent action can be taken.

    - Control time usage, monitor and measure time progress, forecast time outcomes accurately, implement effective recovery plans

    - Provide informed, timely and credible advice and guidance to project teams to enable them to do their jobs better; strong integrity and honesty.

    - Work with senior management to ensure the overall vision for the project is adhered to when making each decision throughout the development life-cycle.

    Key skills, knowledge and experience

    - Confident, intelligent and experienced team leader; excellent communication and people management skills

    - Excellent understanding of the whole development cycle, in particular business objectives and how projects can fulfil those

    - Deep knowledge and expertise in the core technical DM skills –

    Project strategy,



    Cost management,

    Design management,

    Risk management,

    Contract administration,

    Construction and

    Quality management

    - Understand the project stages, project deliverables, project reporting, administration and procedures

    - Solid understanding of the key strategic risks in any development or project, with sound ideas for their communication, mitigation or management

    - Experience of the design phase (including BIM), roles, responsibilities and liabilities of design team members

    - Good understanding of all statutory consents and approvals required – planning approvals and conditions, listed building consents, building regulations, utilities agreements, etc. – and how to mitigate their impact

    - Understanding construction methods, technology, site procedures, best practice and innovation

    - Knowledge of health and safety legislation and how to improve health and safety on site

    - Ability to multi-task, prioritise and have good time management skills is very important

    - Commercial acumen and being able to have a functional understanding of the numbers/costs associated with the project

    Key competencies

    Decision making:

    - Considered, reflective, well-judged decisions and advice necessary. Recognises shades of grey rather than black and white.


    - Links vision to goals/objectives, influences others, models the way and is a source for encouragement. Actively seeks positive change for organisation by capitalising on opportunities.

    Working with others:

    - Builds and maintains relationships (internally and with key external groups) that support and improve personal/team effectiveness. Ability to promote harmonious working environment both on site and in the office.

    Customer Focus:

    - The desire to help or serve the customer (Urban Splash) and committed to continuous improvement of services. The ability to focus effort on discovering and meeting those needs whether stated or unstated.

    Liaise with


    Managing Directors

    Delivery Director


    Construction team / Urban Splash Construct

    Land and Development teams

    Construction Directors

    Project Lead’s and Project Engineers

    Architects and Design consultants

    Planning and Technical consultants

    Contractors and sub-contractors

    Local councillors and politicians



    Urban Splash have a policy of “talent over experience” and this is a core value of the business. This means you do not have to tick every skill/experience requirement necessary but display the passion to learn and aptitude to grasp these concepts and apply them to a project of this size.

    You will however need to be a seasoned project manager and understand the key principles of project management in a construction/development setting – some of these core skills include:

    - Project strategy

    - Programming

    - Procurement

    - Cost management

    - Design management

    - Risk management

    - Contract administration

    - Construction

    - Quality management

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