We love our architecture. If there is anything we love almost as much as that, it’s a nice bit of architectural photography. We love how developments in camera phones and social media have turned us into a nation of architectural photographers, and we have been keenly curating our favourite peer created images on the Urban Splash Pinterest account.

We’ve decided to show all you budding architectural photographers some love. Each month the creator of our favourite snap – posted to Twitter or Instagram and tagged with #urbansplash or posted to our Facebook page – will get a copy of the Urban Splash book. Retailing at £24.99, Transformation is an illustrated history of our work, schemes and the people behind them.

The photo will also (with the creators permission) feature in our newsletter – going to over 40,000 subscribers!

So get snapping!


February 2013 - @mikeblackphoto with his shot of Chimney Pot Park

March 2013 - Nathan Kennedy with his photos of Fort Dunlop

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