Park Hill; our 1960s cover star

August 9th, 2017 [ No Comments ] [ Add comment ]
by Mark Latham


Check out these pictures of Park Hill in Sheffield in its original guise in the December 1962 edition of the RIBA Journal - with the scheme even making the magazine’s front page.


The mag carries an interview with Jack Lynn, one of the two original architects (together with Ivor Smith), about the genesis of the building’s design - notably the inspiration that came from Le Corbusier’s L’Unite d’Habitation in Marseilles - a buiding that’s often compared to Park Hill.


It’s great to see that, whether in its 1960s form or its transformation today, Park Hill’s still revered as an architectural icon by RIBA; in 2013 the organisation shortlisted the building for that year’s Stirling Prize. Park Hill’s also received three RIBA Awards.


Find out more about the scheme here. A big thanks to design agency Build for sending these pictures in to us.

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